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Woman enjoying Back Bojin Therapy - Experience blissful relaxation and relief. Discover the benefits of our signature therapy

Signature Back Bojin: Rejuvenating Wellness

First Trial Price: $190 | 60min
Usual Price: $330

Experience the transformative power of our Signature Back Bojin therapy, a fusion of ancient wisdom and modern wellness. Designed to target backaches, frozen shoulders, and stiff necks, our skilled therapists employ the art of Bojin to release deep-seated tensions and provide relief. 

Back Bojin Benefits

Pain Relief

Back Bojin therapy targets specific points to alleviate backaches, frozen shoulders, and stiff necks.

Release of Tensions

Deep-seated tensions are eased, enhancing both physical and mental well-being.

Improved Circulation

Back Bojin therapy stimulates blood flow, promoting better oxygen and nutrient delivery to affected areas.

Natural Approach

A non-invasive therapy that promotes

the body's natural healing mechanisms.

Muscle Relaxation

Back Bojin therapy helps muscles to relax, reducing tension and promoting an overall sense of relaxation.

Tailored Treatment

Skilled therapists customize each session to address your unique concerns and needs.

Book Back Bojin Therapy

Grab your 1st Trial 60min Back Bojin Therapy @ $190 Nett. Usual Price $330

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