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Slimming | Fat Freeze Singapore 
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Looking to achieve a slim and sculpted look? Visit Beauty Full Skin for our expert slimming solutions that efficiently target stubborn fats and give you that contoured look you desire. Book your session now and start the journey to feeling confident and beautiful!

Micool Fat Freeze

First Trial Price: 1 applicator @ $128

Usual Price: $580

MICOOL-S Cryo Fat Reduction offers a secure alternative to liposuction, prioritizing patient safety and satisfaction. Our advanced system surpasses other devices in terms of effectiveness and safety. By delivering cooling energy precisely to adipocytes in the subcutaneous fat layer, it leaves surrounding tissues unharmed. This innovative approach harnesses the body's natural processes, inducing apoptosis for a safer and more natural fat reduction solution.

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Micool Fat Freeze Benefits


Micool Fat Freeze is a non-surgical and non-invasive procedure, eliminating the need for incisions or anesthesia.​

Safe and Controlled

The procedure is safe and controlled, with no risk of damage to surrounding tissues.

Effective Fat Reduction

It is highly effective at reducing localized fat deposits in specific target areas of the body.



Micool Fat Freeze can be customized to target specific areas, ensuring a tailored approach to your body contouring goals.

No Downtime

There is little to no downtime associated with the treatment, allowing you to resume your daily activities immediately.

Long-Lasting Results

Results are long-lasting, as the treated fat cells are permanently removed from the body.

Book Micool Fat Freeze

Grab your 1st Trial 1 Applicator Fat Freeze @ $128 Nett. Usual Price $580

Grab your 1st Trial 2 Applicators Fat Freeze @ $200 Nett. Usual Price $1160

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