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E Moxi Therapy in Singapore at Beauty Full Skin Wellness

First Trial Price: $128 | 60min
Usual Price: $580

E Moxi is a traditional therapy that harnesses the healing power of mugwort and heat to promote the body's natural healing processes. By applying controlled heat to specific points on the body, this therapy stimulates circulation, eases muscle tension, and supports overall well-being. E Moxi offers a non-invasive and time-tested approach to holistic healing, aiding in the restoration of balance and vitality. Discover the centuries-old wisdom of Moxibustion at Beauty Full Skin Wellness, where your health and wellness are our top priorities.

E Moxi Therapy Benefits

Pain Relief

E Moxi can effectively alleviate various types of pain, including joint pain and muscle soreness.

Immune System Support

It can boost the immune system's function, helping the body defend against illnesses.

Improved Blood Circulation

The therapy enhances blood flow, promoting better oxygen and nutrient delivery to tissues.


E Moxi aids in the removal of toxins and impurities from the body.

Muscle Relaxation

E Moxi therapy helps relax tense muscles, relieving stiffness and discomfort.

Stress Reduction

The therapy promotes relaxation and reduces stress levels, contributing to mental well-being.

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Grab your 1st Trial 60min Back Bojin Therapy @ $128 Nett. Usual Price $580

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